Bring People Together Through the Magic of Board Games
With PlayTable, Board games are now...
Easy to Play!
Easy to Share!
Easy to Teach!
PlayTable Features
PlayTable's touchscreen is not only for fingers! The PlayTable can sense any piece on its surface using NFC.
Any toy, figure, or miniature can become a SmartPiece with a simple NFC sticker!
Remote Play
Now you can play board games online with all your family and friends!
Add in a video chat app with a laptop or tablet, and it's like your remote friend is right there, playing across from you.
Connect your smartphone or tablet to use as a second screen to keep your information private!
With PlayTable, you can tweak the rules, mix pieces, and even make your own games!
Create a custom environment for your SmartPieces!
PlayTable Brings Board Games to the 21st Century!
  •  Never set up another board game!                            
  •  Never have to clean up another board game!          
  • Save tons of room on your board game collection!
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